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For Design Companies

For web design we work as partners with design companies. We seek to make partnerships with design companies and build backend programing for their clients. We also bring more projects to you from our own clients that need web design services.

Step by step, how it’s working

  • We help by providing accurate quotes from website programming for your customer web project.
  • You provide us with a photoshop file or Illustrator file of the design.
  • We meeting to talk about system and functionality (in-person or by skype).
  • We starting immediately to program the website with online url, so you can follow the work.
  • We follow-up with you along the way questions to be sure your customer will be satisfied.
  • We deliver the website with a solid backend, and provide a training so you can update the website yourself.
  • We understand that some customers change their mind about page display information, so we continue to work with you to make changes.

Why us ?

  • Quality is our priority
  • We always respect deadlines
  • We are not another employee to manage
  • We deliver a quality website that precisely matches the design you create
  • Our services are less expensive than a full time senior web developer
  • We also provide potential more projects for you
  • We always answer quickly to any crisis 
  • We are located in USA
  • If you need a programmer inside your office we can provide someone full time, half time or occasionally depending of projects

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