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ShipWorks Connector for WordPress

Shipping for E-Commerce plugin in Wordpress

Download and upload on your Website

Download ShipWorks Connector for WordPress (green button on the right) plugin, until 30 orders per month you can use our plugin and we won’t ask any card information. Feel free to try it.

If you have more than 30 orders per month, you will have to register (orange button on the right) to continue to download your order in Shipworks. Download the zip file, extract it in your website ==> wp-content/plugins/ and upload it on this directory. You will be able to enable it in back-end


Find the back end page under Setting ==> Shipworks


Step 1 : Download Shipworks and install it on your computer

Download Shipworks Here
You will have the first month free with Shipworks, after they’ll charge your $15/month
Install it

Step 2 : Setup a Store in Shipworks

if you already have a store installed, click on Manage ==> Store ==> Add Store
Create it

Step 3: Insert your information in the section Settings of this plugin (in your back-end)

Insert your Username and Password you want : Shipworks Account
Insert your Adress Store : Store Address

Step 4 : Insert your Username, Password and your module in Shipwork and follow images below

Please choose your E-commerce module inside Shipworks, per example Woocommerce


If you have any questions about it, or you need more explanation. Please contact us by the form on the support tab

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